Booking Process

Weekly bookings may be made for either a 7 (Sunday to Sunday) or 6 (Sunday to Saturday at a reduced rate) day week.

The Booking Officer will be taking bookings from:

The Booking Officer should be contacted directly for all booking enquiries. Contact details are below.

Once you have agreed with the Booking Officer an appropriate date for your trip, you will need to download and complete the Kalymaro Booking Form.

The booking form can be downloaded from the members page (password required) on this website, or you can contact the Booking Officer for a copy of the form.

You will need to forward the completed form to the Booking Officer by email or post. On receipt of your booking form, a temporary booking will be taken and an invoice with payment options will be emailed to you. Please do not pay until you receive the invoice with payment instructions and your reference number. Your booking will be held for 2 days for you to pay the invoice. If payment is not received within 2 days, the beds will be able to be booked by another user.

No booking will be considered firm until the Booking Officer receives both the form and payment.

NOTE: Further details are available from the Kalymaro Booking Form.

The Booking Officer

The Booking Officer
Kalymaro Lodge c/- Strata Plus
PO Box H181

e-mail :


Booking Conditions

All bookings are subject to conditions:

  1. Memberís Annual Subscriptions must have been paid. This MUST be separate from any accommodation payment.
  2. No booking is considered confirmed until payment in FULL has been received by the Lodge and receipt of payment has been confirmed by the Booking Officer.
  3. An invoice with payment options and a reference number will be forwarded to you on receipt of your booking form. Please do not pay until you receive the invoice and reference number.
  4. Refunds will only be available where another user takes up the cancellation. Where a member booking is transferred to a non-member, the difference in fees is payable. Bookings made in the member priority booking period can only be transferred to another member.
  5. Full names are required for each person staying in the Lodge and the Booking Officer must be provided with details, in advance, where there is any change in the identity of persons who are to take up a booking at the Lodge.
  6. Members who sponsor visitors are responsible for:
    • ensuring payment of accommodation fees.
    • any visitor cancellation, and securing replacement bookings if a refund is required.

Non-Member Bookings

For taxation reasons we are no longer able to accept payments directly from non-members.
Payment for member's guests will only be accepted from the sponsoring member.