Kalymaro - Location


Kalymaro is situated on the road to North Perisher. In summer you can drive to and park at the lodge. However winter access is only by oversnow transport, or you can walk, ski, board, cross country, snowshoe etc. from the village.
Probably the best way to get there during the season is to park (free) at Bullocks Flat and take the Skitube to Perisher Terminal. Check the skitube website for timetable and fares. Note that there are luggage restrictions during the peak morning and afternoon periods.
Alternatively you can drive to the skitube terminal (there is a National Park entry fee), but there is no overnight parking at Perisher Valley in winter. You can then deposit luggage and passengers, return your vehicle to Bullocks Flat, and return by skitube.
From the Perisher Skitube Terminal you can take Hans Oversnow transport to the lodge.

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