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Kalymaro promoting Alpine Sporting Life for 50 years.

Kalymaro Lodge Co-operative Ltd, its committee and members are committed to promoting and encouraging all forms of alpine sports in the NSW Snowy Mountain region, from skiing and boarding in winter to cycling, mountain biking, hiking, bushwalking and angling in summer.  We will keep members updated with sporting activities, competitions and alpine race opportunities via links from our web page. We will also bring you results of competition undertaken by our members.

Our junior members in particular have produced some outstanding achievements in recent years. In fact, Kalymaro is gaining a reputation as a producer of fine young skiiers of the future (see Kids page).

Our Director of Sporting Activites, Kim Bessell, is a board member and enthusiastic participant of winter sports.


Interschool Snowsports

Click here for Ashley Blondel's interesting forward for the NSW Intershools 25th anniversary booklet distributed on 27 October 2012 at a function held in Sydney, followed by a short history. Ashley was the Chief Executive Officer of Perisher Blue Ski Resort from 1997 until early 2006. A key point Ashley makes is that schools racing introduces young people to the mountains and, for some, to a lifetime activity in snowsports.


For those of you intermediate-advanced skiers who are looking to improve your skiing, indulge in your addiction for all things white and adrenaline-filled, or just ski with people at the same skill (and obsession/addiction) level as you, you might like to consider joining the Perisher Blue Masters which is run through Perisher's Winter Sports Club.

The program caters for kids three years and over to adults who are interested in recreational skiing through to racing and boarding competitions.  Information on the program can be found at the following web site:


Perisher Blue Masters has a range of programs to suit all styles, skill-levels and needs from those who simply enjoy skiing with a like-minded group while the kids are in their weekend classes to those who are training for the Perisher Blue Masters Championships.
For those who are interested in some classes at a higher level than the usual ski school but cannot commit to every weekend, it is possible to participate in the season-long program on a casual basis and there are also short Master Camps:

Several Board members (Pete Shea, Jean Lynch, Tony Mallis, Kim Bessell) have attended the Masters courses in the past, and even your illustrious President has been known to make an appearance. All can state categorically that their skiing improved as a result and that fun was had by all, even in some interesting weather.
The board members can be contacted to discuss their experience of the Masters program if you wish to know more.

NSW Snow Sports

The Peak Body and State Sporting Organisation for Snowsports in NSW is NSW Snow Sports. Details of membership, events calendars and race results (including the Interschools Championships comptetion) can be found at www.nswsnowsports.com.au

Perisher Cup

Intitiated in the early 1950’s, the Perisher Cup is now conducted by Perisher Blue, with assistance from Cooma Ski Club.  The event is a team activity with four participants, each of whom competes in three events:

Cross Country 4X2 klm relay, a Giant Slalom and the best of three jumps. 

Go to http://www.perisher.com.au/events/index.php for more details.

Gateway to Sport

Unfortunately is isn't always winter. Explore other sporting opportunities in NSW at www.dsr.nsw.gov.au